So much has happened since we started our company in 2016.  We have faced personal challenges as well as professional ones in our small, beautiful city of Sedona, Arizona.  Our intentions were to raise the bar of entertainment in a town that has experienced many growing pains that we have witnessed and felt for more than the two decades we lived there. Ironically, we were considering new avenues for our forward motion as a creative team that were spawned by the influencers and leaders we were privileged to ‘light up’ including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, Kelley Alexander, inspiration and elder Yogini Tao Porchon-Lynch and musical entertainers like singer Michael Franti, spiritual rap artist MC Yogi and guitar virtuoso Anthony Mazzella.  We were honored to provide lighting for Illuminate Film Festival for three years.  Founder Danette Wolpert gave us our first opportunity to become ‘light workers’. We lit up Sedona Yoga Festival’s classrooms and stages. We were invited to provide our services to create a fabulous gala for Sedona International Film Festival. We provided lighting for special events for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, community events including Day of the Dead for T’laquepaque and Sedona’s Thriller performance on Halloween. We installed lighting for theatrical productions for Desert Star Community School, installed lighting for the City of Sedona’s Posse Grounds Hub (the only public entertainment venue in town outside of Sedona Performing Arts Center at Red Rock High School). We assisted the Emerson Theater Collaborative in creating a new space for locals to entertain that is also a space for education for children in the performing arts. We created two fundraisers for the Strings Programs for Sedona Charter School and Red Rock High.  And we made three of our own successful dance parties happen in a town that has no night life, night clubs, live entertainment venues, or dance parties that offer an elegant and posh atmosphere with live entertainment as part of the event.  In these many accomplishments and experiences we discovered we have so much more to offer.  And now we are shifting gears in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has engulfed our world. The events we were anticipating providing our unique services for, in early 2020, cancelled due to the world crisis and others died due to nefarious influences on our business.  Both were blessings. Both showed us who we really are and what we are made of.  In the midst of personal tribulations that included disappointment, disillusionment, divorces, deaths and a pandemic, we have been pushed to find greater happiness, greater purpose and pioneer a new way of expressing our creativity, collaboration and our love. For now, we leave our original promo video sprinkled with a few of our events for those who may visit our website.  We are truly grateful for ALL that has happened on this journey. We wish you well.  May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy and should you find yourselves dealing with the woes of this world, know that you are not alone.  You are loved and there is light at the end of the tunnel you’re in. We as individuals and as Team Tré Visio are in a cocoon of transformation and will be reborn, take flight as the butterfly, and spread love through the pollen of our creative essence.  Our future is brighter than our past. See you soon!


Testimonial:         “Tré Visio Productions has brought world class entertainment to Sedona, Arizona.  They serve a sophisticated and worldly clientele.  Their parties are never dull, with partygoers enthusiastically participating throughout the night and dancing until the very end.  I would not hesitate to utilize their services for any type of function, because they have proven to be very knowledgeable and a professional entertainment company….and they know how to throw a damn good party.”    ~Christie B, South Africa~

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