Nathan Trujillo

Artistic Director/Technical Design

Nathan Trujillo was born in the desert highlands near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has resided everywhere from Miami to Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. At any given time, Nathan has always been involved in one or more musical projects either assembling a band, working in the studio or both. A performer since his early teens, Nathan has developed a very refined vocal technique bringing unmistakable emotion to his lyrics and razor sharp dynamics to his singing approach. While living in Miami he jammed with artists such as Carlos Santana, Mick Jones (keyboardist for Foreigner), and Rudy Sarzo (bass player for numerous bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot and Whitesnake. During his years in LA from the late 80’s through the early 90’s, Nathan fronted many bands in the Hollywood scene playing such venues as The Troubadour, Coconut Teasers and The Roxy. On his down time Nathan could be found hob-knobbing with famous rock stars at the infamous Rainbow Bar And Grill. As a vocalist in Arizona he is well known for his unique style as lead singer with the popular rock and roll band Radio Dogma and is admired for his song writing and collaboration in the singing duo Redland. Vocally, Nathan’s range is everything from ballads to hard rock and his stage presence is truly professional and engaging.

Technically, Nathan majored in sound engineering and minored in vocal stage performance. A graduate of the Grove School of Music in Burbank, California, Nathan has utilized his talents on many levels. His early training included stage-managing at “Glam Slam”, Nightclubs owned by the recently deceased Artist formerly know as Prince, in Miami and in LA. The main stage of the San Diego IndieFest procured his talents as stage manager for three years (2007-2009). He has been subcontracted for sound engineering in studio recording and live performance for 20+ years and has installed sound and lighting systems for various venues in the Sedona area including Main Stage, Studio Live, Sound Bites and Stargate Productions. Nathan being a man of many talents; owned a video production company called Apex Video & Sound creating commercials and featuring an entertainment talk show titled  “The Innerview ” which featured famous artists and performers. In Sedona, Nathan created and produced the annual three year long event, ” APPLA’Z “, a singer/songwriter competition working with LA music producer, Michael Lattanzi known for his work with Paula Abdul, The GooGoo Dolls and recent work with Megadeth. While working with Michael Lattanzi, not only did Nathan setup and wire Lattanzi’s Sedona and Nashville studios but Nathan also did several studio sessions including vocal backgrounds for Jesse Blaze Snider (lead singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider’s son). Most recently on his list of accomplishments, Nathan was stage, lighting, sound and costume designer for the popular techno-electronica band Voodabang as well as the lead singer and co-composer of their unique sound.

Whether he is hired by the likes of Stanley Jordan for private fundraising events or he takes the helm as co-producer and stage manager in fundraising for his children’s strings program at school, Nathan is found on and off stage, passionate about music and entertainment.


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