Tré Visio Productions, behind the scenes

We take much pride and joy in our work; supporting the best Sedona entertainment you can find! Tré Visio Team has nearly 50 years of combined experience in Sedona. So, we know just about everybody and just about everybody knows us! Here are some moments we’d like to share…

Tré Visio Productions @ Sedona International Film Festival Gala at Enchantment ~ February,  2017

Tré Visio Productions @ Soul Plane ~ February,  2017

Tré Visio Productions @ Sanjali – CD Release Party ~ November,  2016

Tré Visio Productions Lights Up Club Life/NightLife2 ~ November,  2016

Tré Visio Productions Lightens Up The ‘Dia de los Muertos’ @ Tlaquepaque! 

                                                Tré Visio Productions Event ‘Glam Slam 2016                                                Tribute to David Bowie, Prince & Michael Jackson

Tré Visio Productions, Commercial Shoot – Sept 2016

Tré Visio Productions Lights Up Anthony Mazzella @ The Collective

In the beginning there was darkness, but today… there is Tré Visio Productions

 Tré Visio Special Invitations

We’re always busy behind the scenes running the show for events ranging from indoor to outdoor concerts, festivals, private parties fundraisers and more. Tré Visio Productions will make an incredible setting for the talent you’ ve already booked.

Call us today for your complimentary 30 minute consultation towards creating an amazing event that you will never forget. 



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