Lina Rueda has been a Sedona resident for over 11 years. Her tenure in Sedona has given her a well rounded perspective of what Sedona represents to the community and what this town could evolve to; with the many changes overall that are unfolding and those yet to come. She is involved in many aspects of community that are focused on enhancing tourism, recreational lifestyle, night-life entertainment and outdoor experience in recreation and historical information about Sedona and the Red Rock District.

Anyone who knows Lina will tell you, that she has had an affinity for the music and entertainment of Sedona’s local talent. Along with Nathan Trujillo and Linda Damita, Lina has brought back the Sedona Entertainment Alliance (formerly Sedona Performers Alliance). SEA was created for the purpose of bringing our performing artists in all genres together; promoting and expanding their music and brands and in effect, bringing the performing arts in balance with the visual arts to enhance the beauty of what Sedona has to offer our visitors and residents alike.

In her spare time, Lina is dedicated to preserving Native American ruins & Homestead sites of the recent past and centuries passed. She is an active Site Steward for the USFS; United States Forestry Service. This was an extension of her passion to see all the natural beauty and history within the many hidden canyons in this area and those that are not so out of reach. Formerly a member of local hiking groups has inspired Lina to continue to instill the value of protecting these historical sites to those interested. Additionally, she advocates community safety for outdoor recreation whether hiking, biking, or exploring this great land.

Sedona and its eclectic community also brings around the unexplained experience(s) and sighting(s) of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. Hence, she refers to herself in this arena as an ‘actualogist’. Open to many things but will only fess up (ha!) to what she knows ‘actually’ happened. Visit The Sedona Files on Facebook for more information.

Lina’s California life was that of a singer/songwriter. Writing poetry since the day she learned how to write, gave her insight on how to put words into rhythmic patterns and to music. And growing up with different genres of music from every decade, along with the multi-cultural music as her background music growing up and performances has enhanced her insight and creative flow in her endeavor today, with SEA and Tré Visio Productions. Lina is also in completion mode of her book Desert Heart, Crimson Soul (based on true events). For updates on her book and release date, follow Lina on Facebook.

Lina’s professional experience in office management, administration and as a consultant has brought a valuable insight to Tré Visio Productions. Her knowledge and expertise of the ever evolving music culture and performance continuously contribute to the success of this triple threat that is Tre Visio!

Song ‘From Above’ CD Heavenly Guitar by Anthony Mazzella

Lina Rueda, Tré Visio Production
Lina Rueda, Tré Visio Productions
Lina Rueda, Tré Visio Production, PR & Marketing

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Team Tré Visio has Lina Rueda to thank with her expertise in administration, her insight and enthusiasm behind the scenes. Pressure is not an option for this trio, by nature, Lina keeps them on track and focussed; ready with their best for your unforgettable celebration or event. Lina is on it, with her attention to detail and that is a must as part of their fabulous services as event planners.

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